Industrial Jewelry Artist

Beautiful Bruiser



Investigate wonderment.

Help more than seems logical.

Preserve the beauty of everyday.

Who is Bruiser?


Mission Statement

My collection is created from re-purposed industrial design.  Some  pieces are created from the actual hardware and will not be duplicated.  Others are duplicated with love for the design and with tolerance of imperfection.

Who am I?

Contact Information

The Rejects



I am simple and common. 

I see beauty in common things and love simple, functional design.  I re-purpose hardware to save discarded design.  I love dogs.  I accept flaws.  I live in constant wonder. 

I don't ask for permission.

Product Detail

Bruiser was my first rescue.  She was an extremely abused German Shepherd/Whippet mix who was petrified of brooms, men and loud sounds.  I called her Bruiser because she had two black circles around her eyes and also because I hoped she would toughen up with nurture.  At thirteen I was tough enough for both of us.  She lived 15 amazing years before succumbing to cancer.  She was the catalyst to my life's passion for the underdog.  I learned beauty can be found everywhere and great strength might first be seen cowering in a corner.